• April 27, 2019
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[Announce] About Nusa Exchange

Nusa Exchange, an Indonesian exchange that mameCoin is listed on, is currently experiencing the following problems.
We consider it as a serious case, and we are pleased to inform you that how we manage this case.

<The situation in progress>
• The Nusa Exchange website has been inaccessible since April 24
• There are no one in the Nusa Exchange office.
• Nusa Exchange’s telegram is no longer writeable after the CEO announced that the customer’s assets are safe on March 26.
• No response from Nusa Exchange admin
• The mameCoin withdrawal from Nusa Exchange remains in progress
• Most of assets (including 17 million MAME) are transferred from Nusa Exchange wallet to other exchanges on March 7th (all MAME had been moved to CoinExchange)

We already asked CoinExchange to freeze the account related to the address, and then the freeze was completed immediately.
However, according to CoinExchange, currently there were no assets in that account (Seems like it was sold on March 9th)

Our expectation is that Nusa Exchange may have been hacked their wallet or have sold the customer assets.

Essentially, asset management is the crypto exchange and users’ responsibility. There is no necessity for us to compensate your assets. However, if it is determined that it had been sold without permission or had been hacked into the Nusa Exchange wallet, mameCoin Indonesia Berbagi will compensate your MAME. As soon as our investigation is finalized, we will inform you about our policies for this incidence such as the method of compensation.

<Request of cooperation for customer assets’ investigation>

Please send the following information to the
from the email address you registered in Nusa Exchange.

1. The full text of the email when you registered Nusa Exchange
2. If you have sent mameCoin from the other exchange to Nusa Exchange or from Nusa Exchange to the other exchange, tell us all transaction IDs (Write all transaction IDs, if there are multiple)
3. A screen shot of your MAME balance or in progress in Nusa Exchange wallet. (If you cannot provide us a screen shot, please tell us number of MAME you lost)

* This is a special case because of the partnership relationship between Nusa Exchange and mameCoin (It was only technological assistance). If there is a hacking damage at another exchange, etc., we will not respond like this.
Please do the asset management at your own risk.
* This incidence has no impact on our ongoing and planned projects.