• November 8, 2018
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[Announce] mameCoin Rebranding

We had been planning to provide mameCoin service based in Japan, where mameCoin LLC located, and expand the service in Japan.
However, we have decided not to limit our opportunities for potential just in Japan, but also Southeast Asia and all over the world. From now on, mame Coin Indo Berbagi will be our main base and mameCoin Japan will be active only when it is asked by mameCoin Indo Berbagi.

Today we present our global expansion plans:
・New Support Business Partner
・Sponsored Events Abroad
・Significant Change of Token Metrics
・New Platform Planning
・New Business

New Support Business Partner

・Team Japan Junior (Japan)
・Sekolah Relawan (Indonesia)
・Action (Philippines)
*For details, please see P25 to P38 of the WP

We will sponsor a charity event to be held in Alabang, Philippines, in December.
At this event, we will invite Takuya Okuhira, CEO of the Legato Okinawa Dribble School, to the Philippines and host the dribbling technique class for poor Philippines children who cannot afford to go to soccer school.
In order to achieve this event, we seek donations to cover transportation expenses for children from Bicol to Manila and support costs for Okuhira. Through donations gathered from all of you, poor Philippines children will be able to experience a great soccer lesson and can interact through soccer. This is not a one-time event and we are planning to host charity events annually. The next charity event will be at Kiwanis Philippine Luzon District in February 2019.
Let’s make more smiles for Philippines children and we need your support! Your cooperation is necessary! Thank you.

Significant Change of Token Metrics

As part of this rebranding announcement, we will burn all lock up mameCoin, which can be selling pressure for a year, to provide stabilization of supply and value improvement.
*For details, please see P32 to P34 of WP.


mameCoin will continue to focus on publicizing information via telegram for people in Southeast Asia and other countries.
To marketize mameCoin to those countries, we will do an airdrop of 20,000 mameCoin (MAME) for 2,500 people.


Nov. 8th, 2018 11:00 (UTC) ~ Nov. 22nd 11:00 (UTC)

How to?

1. Follow mameCoin English Official Twitter and then RT the tweet about mameCoin airdrop
2. Join mameCoin official telegram
3. From pinned message in mameCoin telegram, go to airdrop campaign site and then type “/airdrop 0xxxxxxxxx @twitterid” (xxxxxx is your ETH address)
*Important note: In this airdrop, you cannot apply the same ETH address as used for the previous airdrop

New Platform Planning

We will develop the platform so that you can donate as much as you want to any place you like, 365 days from anywhere in the world. On the platform, we plan to promote services to donors, a function of donation simply by holding mameCoin tokens, and a donation’s new business model with mameCoin
*For details, please see P11 to P24 of WP

New Business

We plan to invest our profit in the mining business.
We donate 50% of the profit obtained from the mining business to our support partners (after we take necessary expenses) and then the remaining 50% will be bought by mameCoin LLC from the market and burned.

At last, thank you for reading our rebranding project plans. Besides the above, we have more partnerships and joint business plans.
Today is the day we are taking a new step. Please stay with us to see our bright future.
Thank you.