• November 18, 2018
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[Announce] Charity event in Philippines

mameCoin’s charity event in Philippines.

mameCoin hosts the event that invites a soccer dribble-specialized coach from Japan and opens a free soccer school for children in Philippines.

Along with this event, we accept donations by mameCoin to help coaches’ transportation and staying expenses.

● Date of the charity event

● Venue
Manila suburbs of the Philippines

● Coach
Representative Takuya Okuhira of Regate Okinawa Dribble School

● Period of the donations

● Donate to support this charity event
Wallet for receiving donations with MAME 0x7BB6FcACa906283e6c14623Ed8993b9F089e9C09

Donating with Discord application
e.g. ,tip @PhilippinesEV 1000000

Donating with stamp on Discord application: Donation of 100MAME with a charity stamp

Special Gift

We will give out a mameCoin tote bag per 1,000,000 MAME who donate it from Discord tip command. Applicants could be either Japanese or Philippines residents. Although we prepare two colors for the tote bag, the number of bags are limited. Color selections will be on a first-come, first-served basis

About Donation

The donation MAME will be used as Japanese yen and it will be converted at the exchange rate of December 10th, 2018.

In addition, 10 percent of donation MAME will be burned with six-month lockup.


This event will be held continuously, with the second charity event scheduled for February. Kiwanis Philippines Luzon District will host the second charity event.

We are happy to manage this first charity event as mameCoin LLC.

Even though the organizer changes, mameCoin will continue to cooperate the sponsorship.

Excess donation for this event will carry over to use in the next event.

We will report the total amount of donations you gave and the amount used for the event.

Thank you for your support and cooperation

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