• January 13, 2020
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[Announce] Future development

We take the following measures to increase the value of mameCoin (MAME).
We aim to reduce the final circulation to about 100 million.

1. Burn Report

About 1.6 billion MAME were burned, including those remaining on the closed CoinExchange and some of the operating holdings.
Currently, the total number of issued amount is about 14.9 billion (of which 11.25 billion has been locked up for 10 years).

2. Notice of purchase

We make regular purchases on the CHE exchange MAME/ETH boards.
We put out a buy board at the market price (0.1sat = 0.00000005ETH).

All amount purchased by the operation will be burned.

3. Request for participation in the popularity vote

We are voting for currency popularity on the CHE exchange.
Please select “VOTE” from the menu at the top of the page after login.
You can vote for 1CHE per person. Please vote for mameCoin.

4. You can request a job at a special price (0.5sat conversion)

Here is the price list.

・ Website maintenance: from 10 million MAME/month
・ Simple homepage: from 40 million MAME
・ Simple blog: from 40 million MAME
・ Simple EC site: from 100 million MAME
・ Discord bot: from 100 million MAME
・ Line bot: from 100 million MAME
・ Telegram bot: from 100 million MAME
・ CRM system: from 200 million MAME

Please contact us for job requests.

Thank you for your continued support.

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