[Announce] Glolove beta test (testnet) and 10 Million MAME Bounty Campaign started

Glolove beta test (testnet) will start from 21 May 2019 15:00 (JST).
Glolove is social media that creates new donation style using blockchain and can also be used by the cryptocurrecy MAME.

In addition, along with the start of beta testing, we will hold bounty campaign to distribute 1,000 to 50,000 MAME to those who have made bug reports and requests for functional improvements in order to aim for quality improvement and early formal release.

Let’s create fun together with the Bounty Campaign!

From May 21, 2019 to June 21, 2019
※ If the total number of distribution reaches 10 million MAME, it will be considered as the end at that time.

<How to bug report and functional improvement request>
If you find some bug, or typographical error, please notify discord #beta-test channel.
After confirming contents with development team, if that is a bug, we will send 1,000-50,000 MAME from Discord’s tip command.

If you have a feature or improvement request, please contact discord #request channel.
We will send 10,000 MAME from Discord’s tip command when they are adopted after reviewing by development team.

※ Depending on content, it may take some time to check by development team.
※ We may send DM individually from development team to confirm the content details.
※ The announcement of result will be returned by sending MAME.
※ When duplicate reports / requests are received, MAME will be sent only to those who first submitted reports / requests.
※ There is no bounty if content you reported is spec or not reproducible.

・Design during beta test is under development, and is for smartphones. We are currently producing new designs for each device.
・MAME in Glolove during beta test is a pseudo MAME which can not be traded on the exchange etc.
・Donor account created in this open beta test will be inherited even in the official version, but the activity wallet badge etc. will be cleared.