• March 28, 2019
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[Announce] Glolove progress and official logo

Twitter is a SNS that puts your thought in short sentences
Facebook is a SNS that connects the world of the Internet and reality based on personal information
Instagram is a SNS where connections expand in the world of photography.
YouTube and TikTok are SNS that you express your thoughts and ideas through videos.

SNS made by mameCoin
“Glolove” is a new form of SNS that connect you and the world on the theme of the word “Money Communication with Love”.
We are pleased to announce that “Glolove” has now entered the beta test!
It is our policy to test with external testers in the future.
It will still take some time to open to the public, but we plan to release the contents gradually.
Along with the announcement of the new application Glolove, we will release an official logo for “Glolove”

“Glolove” is an application that can connect you and others to make this world better through donations.

Please be looking forward to the release!