• August 1, 2019
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[Announce] Glolove release and Lockup Mining

Thank you for your patience!!
We will release Glolove today at 20:00JST.


It was originally planned to burn 20% of the amount of donation (operation fees and burn 10% each), but we listened our donors and recipients’ advices. It will be changed to Burn 4%, Mining fee 1%, and Management fee 5% (10 % of the donation amount).

Although the wallet is currently functional, the lockup wallet can not be used temporally because specifications are currently being changed. It will be reopened as lockup & mining WALLET around the middle of August.

What is Lock-up mining function?

When lock up is occurred, 1% of the total amount of donation will be distributed to those who are locked up.

The distribution amounts are determined by the number of people who did lock up and the amount of locked up.

Crypto asset MAME will continue to expand services and advance projects from PT mameCoin Berbagi in Indonesia.

Thank you for your support!