• June 13, 2019
  • News

[Announce] Integration of Glolove wallet and Discord wallet (tipbot)

With release of Glolove, current Discord wallet (tipbot) can be integrated into Glolove wallet by linking account.
After integration, you will be able to send mameCoin (MAME) mutually between Glolove and Discord.
Your balance in Discord wallet (tipbot) is reflected in Glolove wallet.

<Discord wallet (tipbot) maintenance>
Discord wallet (tipbot) will be under maintenance from June 21, 2019.
Resumption of use will be after Glolove release.

<Integrating wallet : If you have Glolove account>
Click “Discord” from social connection on Glolove myprofile page.

<Integrating wallet : If you do not have Glolove account>
Click “Login with Discord” on Glolove login page.

<Discord wallet (tipbot) deposit / withdrawal>
You can do it on Glolove wallet.

<Donate to recipients>
Donated mameCoin (MAME) to recipients by tip command or tip stamp is reflected in recipient’s Glolove wallet balance.

<Request for test cooperation>
We are looking for someone to help testing of the Discord connection. If you find a bug, please report it to Discord #beta-test.