[Announce] mameCoin (MAME) BSC version token issuance completed

mameCoin (MAME) BSC version token issuance completed.

■ Token information

・Contract address: 0xABccaAdd77078A67622dFD5f74066ce4581c0a99
・Token name: mameCoin
・Token symbol: MAME
・Decimals: 8 digits
・Total supply: 25 billion

■ Required wallet (PC user)

Requires MetaMask. You also need to have at least 0.01 BNB in your BSC address.

Please see the procedure here.

■ Required wallet (Android / iPhone users)

The Trust Wallet app is recommended. In addition, you need to put 0.01 BNB or more in your BSC address.

You can download it from here.

Select “Smart Chain” when creating the wallet. “BNB” is a different item (BEP2).

■ Addition of BSC version mameCoin (MetaMask)

Click “︙” to the right of “Profile Summary” on this page, and then click “Add Token to Web3 Wallet”.

■ Addition of BSC version mameCoin (Trust Wallet)

Click the icon in the upper right corner of the wallet to go to “Search for tokens”. Then select “Add Custom Token”.

Please enter as follows.

Network : Smart Chain
Contract address : 0xABccaAdd77078A67622dFD5f74066ce4581c0a99
Name : mameCoin
Symbol : MAME
Decimals : 8

When the token is added, it will be displayed as BEP20 (not ERC20).

■ mameCoin discord


■ mameCoin official web site