• February 2, 2019
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[Announce] NageCoin renewal and problem fixed


Renewal of Nagecoin and fixed defects

“Renewal & Detail”
1. Fixed a bug caused unable to deposit and withdraw of Ethereum type tokens
2. Renewing the UI to be more user friendly
3. As a new feature, you can check in to restaurants near you (You will receive coins as a bonus when you check in)
4. z502 and mameCoin are now available in Nagecoin service

“Renewal Campaign”
We will celebrate Nagecoin website’s renewal and adding z502 and mameCoin in Nagecoin!
If you post a tweet of “check in pop-up”, Your check in bonus will be 10 time more than usual, but it is a limited time offer! Don’t miss it!

Campaign Period
February 1, 2019 – February 28, 2019

*If you have any questions and concerns of using Nagecoin, feel free to contact to @gino in Discoard
Thank you!!