[Announce] NusaExchange Updates

PT mameCoin Indonesia Berbagi will compensate for users who affected by the NusaExchange issue.

The detail of this incidence is below↓
Nusa Exchange issue April 27, 2019 ( https://blog-ja.mamecoin.id/about-nusa-exchange/ )

<How to apply for compensation>
You need the E-mail address registered with Nusa Exchange by May 31, 2019.

Please send us following information to

1. Full text of email you received when you registered NusaExchange
2. Both withdraw and deposit transaction ID from or to NusaExchange (all possible if there are multiple)
3. A screen shot of Nusa Exchange’s wallet mameCoin balance or mameCoin remittances that are still in progress (if no screenshot is available, tell us the number of mameCoins you lost)

※ If you contact us in the damage investigation cooperation before, it is not necessary to apply this form again.
※ There is a investigation by PT mameCoin Indonesia Berbagi for the compensation.
※ It may take 1 to 2 weeks before the compensation will be completed