• March 15, 2019
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[Announce] New partnership with MSM MOORE Foundation

mameCoin project team has signed partnership with the Ghana government’s official charity organization “MSM MOORE Foundation“.
Donation will be accepted in the future from the social media currently developing by mameCoin project.

We would like to share with you message from MSM MOORE Foundation.

“We are the children’s charity which is dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer, children with disabilities and children with deprived educational Background. Raise awareness of the connection between behavioral sciences, health education, health promotion, and the surrounding environment. Build knowledge and skills to help health educators respond to public health emergencies. Foster family, school and community partnerships to reduce risks associated with chronic disease among school-aged children. We have made donations to schools in the form of study materials. We have fed the street. Help some kids to battle their illness.”
– MSM MOORE Foundation –

In addition, to donate at discord, you can push logo mark stamp of “MSM MOORE Foundation” or

send tip @MSM directly (for example `,tip @MSM 10000`).

We look forward to your continued support for mameCoin project.