[Announce] mameCoin reboot (swap to BSC and future plans)

The mameCoin project, which has been inactive for a long time, will be rebooted in May 2021.

■ Swap to BSC

mameCoin was issued as Ethereum’s ERC20 token, but the current surge in Ethereum has caused the gas cost to rise abnormally and is no longer a practical public blockchain. Therefore, we decided to swap to the BER20 token of Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which has been attracting attention recently. By swapping to BSC, the gas cost will be reduced from 1/10 to 1/100.

・The exchange rate between ERC20 version mameCoin and BEP20 version mameCoin is 1 by 1
・Swap period is until May 28, 2021
・Only mameCoin in Glolove ( https://glolove.com ) will be swapped
・If you have deposited in MEW, METAMASK, cold wallet or other wallet apps, please deposit mameCoin to Glolove by the end of the swap period
・0.01BNB (binance coin) is required to withdraw BEP20 version mameCoin. Please prepare in advance. BNB can be purchased on exchanges such as Binance.

■ Future plans

PT.mameCoin Indonesia Berbagi will aim for early monetization through the development of the following contents and products.

■ Game content

・Slot (released the other day)
・Gacha (scheduled to be released)
・Other games

■ Discord free content

・Display current Ethereum gas cost

■ Discord paid content

・Token search by coin symbol (Ethereum / BSC, contract address, USD / JPY / BTC price display, market capitalization ratio with BTC, etc.)
・Token search by contract address
・Rate conversion by any pair including 33 kinds of fiats (Example: 1 BTC = XXX MAME)
・Automatic notification of tweets by influencers such as Elon Musk, CZ, and SBF (Afro)
・Automatic notification of newly listed tokens to CoinGecko
・Automatic notification of newly listed tokens to CEX
・Automatic notification of newly listed tokens to DEX
・Automatic notification of tokens whose prices have soared
・Automatic notification of new articles in crypto currency news

■ Other blockchain products

・Glolove donation execution certificate is converted to NFT
・Cross-chain bridge (ERC20 <-> BEP20)
・NFT Marketplace
・Yield farming

■ mameCoin discord


■ mameCoin official website